Friday, September 23, 2011

SEPTEMBER 22-23 2011

So. I remembered it much more clearly this morning, but school prevents me from posting something around that time.. xD

We were at war... With strange creatures. Not completely human, but not... non human I guess? Anyway.

We lived in a small home that we'd rebuilt after the war and were trying to survive. I vaguely remember two of our older soldiers walking out and only one came back, so we thought the other had died.

We immediately set out to go looking for him, but were attacked by several of those mutant creatures.

Many of us died but we finally were able to kill all the mutants.


We came back because we couldn't find him, but that we discovered him on the ground with an axe in his stomach. As we saw him, we heard something behind us.

I turned, but it was a bit too late.

I felt a sword pass through my stomach, and it hurt like hell, and when I woke up, it still hurt like hell. And there ends that dream!

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