Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SEPTEMBER 20-21 2011

Not a very long dream - I think it was a five minute dream... Though it seemed like far longer while I was dreaming. Regardless, here goes.

We were at the public launch somewhere in Maine - not sure where, as I forget quite easily - and I was in the middle of the dream and there was a huge storm coming in. A couple people were out on the sailboat I went in last month, but they weren't coming in yet.

So in my dream, we had to go out in a special speed boat to try and get them out before the storm hit.

It was a beautiful boat! It was yellow with black patterns etched in to its sides, and it was very fast.

I was standing along the side, and we were going really fast as the boat turned, and it was quite fun. So the storm was rapidly approaching, and suddenly, just as we arched around an island, we almost slammed right in to the sailboat we were rushing out to get.

It turns out they were heading back in. :)

Then I woke up because my mom called my name.

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